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Department to premiere second season of Preventive Pros: the Podcast

Carolyn Barnes October 09, 2023
Preventive Pros podcast art

The Department of Population and Public Health Sciences at Keck School of Medicine of USC will premiere the second season of Preventive Pros: the Podcast, on Tuesday, October 10. Each episode features one of the Department’s faculty or researchers discussing an issue that impacts population and public health, what discoveries and improvements are being pursued, and what still needs to be done.

Season one welcomed guests on a variety of topics, such as obesity, diabetes, air quality and EVs, nicotine products, disaster preparedness, and antiracism initiatives in higher education. The finale highlighted how researchers are empowering youth in Uganda to lead drowning prevention efforts in their own communities. Experts discussed issues impacting various populations including adolescents, pregnant people, and marginalized groups; how systems, policy and infrastructure affect the health of populations; and what steps leaders, researchers and individuals can take to protect and improve health and well-being.

Season two will bring a new set of expert investigators to the spotlight, and delve into topics like cannabis use in pregnancy, emerging viruses, radiation exposure, healthcare inequity, and new efforts that could help prevent childhood cancer.

Listeners can tune into Preventive Pros: the Podcast, on popular podcast streaming platforms. More information is available at