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Meet the Faculty: Glen L. Stimmel, PharmD, sculptor

March 17, 2017
Glen Stimmel
No power tools for Glen L. Stimmel, who uses a rasp, file, hammer and chisel to sculpt soapstone and alabaster, then polishes the form with sandpaper, steel wool and carnauba wax. A finished sculpture may take 30 hours over the course of several weeks to a few months to create. (Photo/Courtesy Glen Stimmel)

Glen L. Stimmel, PharmD, professor of clinical pharmacy at the USC School of Pharmacy and psychiatry and the behavioral sciences at the Keck School of Medicine of USC, is a pioneer in the field of psychiatric pharmacy.
When he isn’t lecturing or overseeing the academic affairs at the School of Pharmacy, you can find him in his South Pasadena backyard, painstakingly carving stone sculptures by hand, inspired by the work of sculptor Constantin Brâncuși of Romania and Shona sculptor Peter Mandala of Zimbabwe.
The greatest joy of the work is giving finished sculptures to family and friends, and the challenge is finding enough time to carve, says Stimmel, who was recently appointed associate dean for academic affairs.
“I have 200 pounds of soapstone and alabaster in my garage awaiting liberation from their rough forms,” he said.
— Michele Keller