Press Release

Renowned concept artist discusses fossils’ role in creature design

December 01, 2017
Terry Whitlatch artwork
(Illustration by Terryl Whitlatch)

As part of the USC Paleosciences Research Seminar Series, illustrator Terryl Whitlatch took the stage in Zumberge Hall October 17 to shed light on the role animal fossils play in her creative process.
Whitlatch’s creatures are a striking blend of artistic and scientific efforts, the result of extensive research into vertebrate zoology and animal anatomy. She has worked for various zoos and museums in the United States and served as senior consultant for wildlife art and animal anatomy at the World Wildlife Fund.
Perhaps more famously, the sought-after artist is one of the creative minds behind “Star Wars” creature designs, and she has lent her skills to such Hollywood giants as Pixar, PDI and Walt Disney Feature Animation.
Whitlatch, currently an artist-in-residence at Imagine International, is working on an illustrated book in a collaboration with Dr. Michael Habib, an assistant professor at the Keck School of Medicine of USC and a research associate at the Dinosaur Institute at the Los Angeles County Museum of Natural History.
Hosted by the USC Paleoscience Center, the seminar was sponsored by USC’s Office of Research and the USC Paleosciences Research Consortium.