Neuropathology Fellowship

Program Overview

The neuropathology program includes training in diagnostic and experimental neuropathology. Gross and microscopic examination of adult and pediatric autopsy, CSF cytology, forensic neuropathology, ophthalmic pathology, neuromuscular pathology and neurosurgical specimens provides extensive experience. Understanding mechanisms of disease in the nervous system is integrated through comprehensive lectures on neuroanatomy, neurohistology, immunohistochemistry and ultrastructure of the CNS. Opportunities for basic research in cell and molecular neurobiology are available. Major research efforts focus on degenerative diseases including Alzheimer’s Disease, AIDS neuropathology, as well as pathology of the visual system. The two-year accredited program will prepare the fellow for the American Board of Pathology subspecialty examination in neuropathology.


Candidates must have completed a residency in anatomic pathology or a residency in neurology plus one year of anatomic pathology.

Types and Numbers of Appointments

One position for the 2-year fellowship is available yearly.


Los Angeles is a metropolitan and diverse community of 7,000,000 people with an unmatched year-round climate, readily accessible mountains, beaches, snow and surf, and as wide a variety of cultural, social, educational, recreational and sporting events as can be found anywhere in the world.


Funded at the PGY5 level. For FY 2015-2017 the annual stipend is $65,204.28


Carol A. Miller, MD, Chief of Neuropathology; Program Director Neuropathology


For more information please contact:
Jeanette Espinosa, or Carol Miller,
LAC+USC Medical Center, Pathology, 1200 North State Street, IPT-C1G104, Los Angeles, CA 90033.
Phone: (323) 442-1602
Fax: (323) 442-1808