The Department of Population and Public Health Sciences is home to six divisions engaged in cross-cutting research on the forefront of population and public health.

The Division of Bioinformatics focuses on the application of computational methods and data science in biomedical research. Our faculty is recognized at the national and international levels for research in the areas of genomic data science, phylogenetics, and clinical research informatics.

The Division of Biostatistics offers degrees in biostatistics, epidemiology, public health data science and molecular epidemiology, and is home to researchers working on ground-breaking studies in this evolving field.

Faculty in the Division of Disease Prevention, Policy and Global Health are active at the local, state, national and global levels to influence factors that improve the health of populations. They bring this experience into the classroom through interactions with students and connections to guest speakers. Reflecting their interdisciplinary nature, they work and teach closely with faculty in other divisions, departments at Keck, and schools within the university and beyond to develop collaborative projects in public health.

The Division of Environmental Health in the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences works to understand the associations, connections, and impacts of environmental exposures on human health. The division devotes resources to constituent characterization (measuring and monitoring what we may be exposed to) and translational research (how to effectively communicate and apply the scientific information gathered by us and others).

The Division of Epidemiology and Genetics in the Department of Population and Public Health Sciences works to understand the lifestyle, environmental, and genetic risk factors for human disease including cancer, cardiovascular disease, and liver disease, and to reduce health disparity. Many faculty members of the division are members of the USC Norris Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Los Angeles County Cancer Surveillance Program.

The Division of Health Behavior Research is focused on evaluating, preventing, and promoting a range of health behaviors (e.g., tobacco/substance use, nutrition, physical activity, mindfulness) that are associated with chronic and infectious diseases, with special emphasis on youth/young adults and health disparities populations.