Space Planning Department Forms

Lab and office moves do happen and our department is able to provide some guidance to completing a successful office/lab move. We have provided a list of guidelines for proper packing, a check-list that can be reviewed before leaving your office prior to your move and a printable label for the bin or box that contains the computer.

Moving people and equipment, whether a single office swap or an entire lab or office suite relocating to another building, can be challenging. There are many steps to take, many people involved, obligations to let others know about your move, and usually a deadline to meet. The Planning Office can advise you on resources and steps to take, and often manages larger physical relocations for departments. For larger moves and those involving lab or other specialized equipment, refer to the Move Task List on the left.

Gently used furniture that is no longer needed is donated to the “Valley Warehouse” for use by another Department within the Keck School of Medicine. Most furniture is accepted but must be approved for donation by our Facilities Coordinator. This is to ensure that the items we are storing are in good condition and are suitable for re-use. When donating an item that is lockable, we ask that you tape the keys to the inside of the top drawer for the next user.

There is no charge for the use of the furniture that has been donated but pick-up of the furniture must be organized and paid for by your department.

To arrange a viewing of the available items please e-mail your interests to

The following items are not accepted for donation:

  • Non-functioning lab equipment
  • Appliances
  • Computers
  • Broken or unsafe furniture

If you have any small single pieces of furniture that are no longer functioning properly, please contact Facilities for pick-up and disposal.

If you have lab equipment that you are no longer using, you are required to decontaminate the equipment and have a “safe to remove” tag affixed to the equipment by EHS before it is removed from the lab. You can find information for lab and equipment decontamination on the EHS website at:
Most School of Medicine buildings are open during daylight hours, but for after-hours access and entry to restricted laboratories and other facilities, the Planning Office provides electronic door access badge cards which are programmable, allowing various levels of access to all School of Medicine buildings. You must obtain authorization from your department to be granted after-hours access. Please note, Norris buildings, ZNI and BCC building access have a separate authorization process.