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The researchers of USC Translational Genomics challenge the status quo by ensuring all populations benefit from advances making medicine more personalized and precise. Faculty work closely with students and collaborate broadly to drive improvements in both health equity and individualized care for cancer, neurodegenerative diseases and genetic syndromes.

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“We focus our curiosity and ingenuity on improving medical practice, including for those traditionally left behind by research. That sense of service amplifies the excitement of discovery and learning.”
Professor Bodour Salhia, PhD
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Professor Bodour Salhia, PhD, Interim Chair, Translational Genomics
Bodour Salhia

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Giving to USC Translational Genomics opens new possibilities for researchers mapping out the future of precision medicine. Your partnership in unraveling the genetic mysteries of cancer and other serious illnesses has the potential to erase stubborn disparities in outcomes and save countless lives.