About Our Research Programs

The Department of Anesthesiology’s research consists of industry-funded clinical trials as well as collaborative projects that span campuses, departments and institutions. Our research covers Clinical and Operating Room Operations, Quality Metrics and Education, including patient quality and safety as well as health systems delivery research.

Current Research

current research

The USC Chronic Pain Center’s T.R.O.J.A.N. Study (Therapeutic Evaluation to Research Clinical Objectives Linking Genotypic and Phenotypic Association with Pain Outcomes) is exploring genetic influences to patients’ responses to pharmacological and behavioral chronic pain treatments to target development of more effective pain relief for patients.

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Featured Publication


Joshua Tobin, MD recently published an article in the Journal of Special Operations Medicine, entitled “Resuscitation During Critical Care Transportation in Afghanistan.” The objective of the article was to describe the critical care procedures and the resuscitation markers of critically wounded personnel in Afghanistan to inform the design of critical care transportation platforms for future conflicts.