Master’s programs offer dynamic and diverse learning opportunities for students pursuing medical and biomedical graduate degrees.

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About Our Master’s Programs

Our innovative training programs are designed to prepare students for a career in the broad field of biomedical sciences. Keck students gain a deep understanding of the scientific and clinical underpinnings of their specialization and how to leverage them in large-scale to make new and important discoveries. Programs take advantage of our broad spectrum of expertise, ranging from basic sciences to clinical medicine and public health, to emphasize translational research interdisciplinary training. In addition to the required core curriculum, students also take elective courses on a variety of topics. Graduate students are active members of the vibrant research community at USC. In parallel to the coursework, students participate in hands-on laboratory research, where they join one of the many research groups on the Health Sciences Campus or at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles and participate in ongoing, cutting-edge biomedical research with leading medical faculty. The Keck School of Medicine faculty mentor students, lead research investigations and oversee patient care within the school’s five partner hospitals. These faculty members do not simply teach medical and biological science, they actively contribute to the creation of new knowledge as they provide students with an unparalleled hands-on education Programs to enhance the careers of future physicians in business administration and public health are also offered. Admissions to Keck School of Medicine graduate programs are managed by individual programs. If you have questions about application criteria, processes or status please reach out to the program to which you are applying. Programs links are noted below.


The Keck School of Medicine is committed to helping students achieve their educational goals with scholarship opportunities for MS programs to help reduce the financial burden of the tuition cost. All applicants to KSOM Master’s programs are automatically considered for the scholarships and no separate application is required. For questions, please contact the program you are applying to

Master’s Programs Offered:

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