Our students lay a strong foundation for their future careers, whether that be in an academic setting, in biotech or any other field related to science.

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Ite Laird, PhD
Associate Dean of Graduate Affairs & PIBBS Director

Many PhD degree programs are available to top caliber students in the biomedical and biological sciences. PhD students receive full funding throughout their studies, including stipend, health and dental benefits.

About PhD Programs

Graduate students take an active part in the vibrant research life of the campus through enrollment in one of several PhD degree programs offered on the Health Sciences Campuses (including Children’s Hospital Los Angeles).

Many students enter through the umbrella program PIBBS: Programs in Biomedical and Biological Sciences, which allows students to explore a number of biomedical and biological fields and labs before choosing to enroll in a specific PhD program. After their PIBBS rotation year, students join a laboratory of their choosing and the PhD program that best fits their research topic.

Other students enter through the Department of Preventive Medicine, which offers PhD degrees in Biostatistics, Health Behavior Research and Epidemiology.

Each student’s research interests drive the choice of PhD program. As students join their new labs, they partner with their new mentor to put together an Individual Development Program (IDP) with short- and long-term goals to maximize their success.