In response to the ongoing reorganization of health care delivery systems, and the growing awareness of the impact of business decisions on health care, the Keck School of Medicine and the Marshall School of Business jointly offer an innovative program for individuals seeking knowledge in both medicine and business administration. The five and a half-year program is designed to prepare its graduates to assume leadership in the design and management of health care systems.

Following completion of the dedicated year at the Marshall School of Business, during which 36 units will be completed, the remainder of MBA units (many of which may be associated with independent research projects) may be completed while simultaneously enrolled in the medial school curriculum in a flexible fashion to meet the student’s needs. All dual degree students must meet course, grade point average, and proficiency requirements of both programs. Students must attain a 3.0 grade point average in all MBA coursework to meet graduation requirements. The business school generally admits four medical students per year, depending on student demand and qualifications.

Program Description

The MD/MBA program spans five years. Students enroll in one full dedicated year of MBA courses following the successful completion of either their second or third year of medical school. Consultations with the Associate Dean for Student Affairs are essential to determine the best timing of the MBA coursework. A total of 48 units are required for the MBA portion of this dual degree, where the usual MBA stand-alone curriculum requires 63 units.

The MD/MBA Program Curriculum

Years 1 – 3

  • Medical School Curriculum

Year 4*

  • Core Required Courses
    • Management Communications for Leaders
    • Accounting Concepts and Financial Reporting
    • Microeconomics for Management
    • Managerial Statistics
    • Organizational Behavior and Leadership
    • Management Accounting
    • Contemporary Issues in Competitive Strategy
    • Operations Management A
    • Marketing Management A
    • Corporate Finance A
    • The Global Context of Business
  • Select two of the following:
    • Operations Management B
    • Marketing Management B
    • Corporate Finance B
  • Graduate Business Electives—24 units

Year 5

  • Medical School Curriculum

*The MBA program may also be completed after the second year of the MD program


Students who have successfully completed at least two years in the Keck School of Medicine will be considered for admission to the Marshall School of Business. Requirements for admission to the regular MBA Program (with the exception of the GMAT) must be fulfilled by the medical student for admission to the Marshall School. The application deadline is April 1 of each academic year.


  • Current enrollment in the Keck School of Medicine of USC and successful completion of the first two or three years of the medical school curriculum.
  • Approval of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs of the Keck School of Medicine
  • A completed USC Marshall School of Business Online Application
  • Academic transcripts (undergraduate)
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Curriculum vitae or resume

The MD and the MBA degrees are awarded simultaneously upon completion of their requirements by the Keck School of Medicine and the Marshall School of Business.

“Navigating the rapidly evolving landscape of health care presents enormous challenges, and future physician leasers can benefit tremendously from the combination of clinical and leadership skills afforded bu this degree program to positively impact our field at a system-wide level”

-Michael Directo, Dual Agree Alumni MD/MBA


Keck School of Medicine
Office of MD Admissions
KAM 100B
(323) 442-2552

Marshall School of Business
(213) 740-7846