"At the Keck School of Medicine, diversity means recognizing the richness of our differences and celebrating them together. We prepare students for the diverse populations they will encounter during their clinical rotations and in their future careers."

Joyce Richey, PhD
Associate Dean for Diversity and Inclusion

About the Office of Diversity

Our goal is to recruit, retain and increase the number of minority students enrolled in the Keck School and to provide counsel to minority medical students. We recognize the importance of diversity and support all efforts to promote the richness of our cultures on campus. Our goal is to graduate socially aware and culturally competent physicians prepared to practice in the global community.

 Keck School of Medicine Diversity Policy
 USC’s Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action and Non-Discrimination policy

Student Organizations

Several student groups promote diversity through cultural celebration and by providing educational programs to stimulate underrepresented minority elementary and high school students to excel academically.

Community Activities

Keck maintains a very active role in the community and has a well-documented history of developing and promoting educational programs to improve the health status of underrepresented minorities.

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