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The USC Department of Neurology combines breadth and depth in tightly connected research, education and care. Residents and fellows serve diverse patients facing a wide array of disorders. The physician-scientists they learn from bring compassion and expertise to even the most complex patient, and explore new possibilities for fighting conditions ranging from headache to Alzheimer’s disease. 

Training & Education

Our enduring philosophy centers on the creation of outstanding clinical neurologists through a rigorous residency-training program. We provide an immersive experience where medical professionals not only acquire extensive knowledge but also cultivate the skills and insights essential for success in the ever-evolving field of neurology.

Explore our expansive opportunities further with our nine specialized fellowships. These fellowships offer unique pathways for advanced training, allowing individuals to specialize in specific areas of neurology.

Message from the Chair

Our commitment to patients drives us to accelerate the pace of progress in neurology. Our commitment to one another calls for us to promote an environment where faculty, trainees and students thrive

Professor Helena Chui, MD
Professor Helena Chui, MD

Support Us

Giving today makes a difference for patients of tomorrow. You can help equip future physician-scientists to enhance neurologic care. Faculty and instrumentation support offers scientists the freedom to pursue new research ideas for defeating Alzheimer’s and other neurological diseases.