USC Multiple Sclerosis Fellowship

USC MS Center Postdoctoral Physician Fellowship in MS and Neuroimmunology

The Multiple Sclerosis Physician Fellowship Program at the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California (USC) provides one to two year of advanced training in the diagnosis, treatment, and clinical and translational research for multiple sclerosis (MS) and related CNS autoimmune disorders.

Interested and motivated candidates should submit a CV, a one-page personal statement describing their clinical, research interest and career goals, and 3 letters of recommendation. These should be addressed to the attention of the Director of the Fellowship Program, Lilyana Amezcua, MD, MS and emailed to Asima Kachroo at

General Requirements

Eligible applicants must hold an MD or DO degree (or equivalent), have completed a residency program in neurology or pediatric neurology in the United States, be board certified or eligible, eligible to practice medicine in the state of California, and be in good standing.

The USC MS Center supports several different training plans based on career development goals and interests, all of which include comprehensive subspecialty level clinical training:

Components of Training

The trainee will engage in clinical care and patient-oriented research in attempts to better define disease, predict its course, and effectively apply treatment strategies that include well-established FDA-approved disease modifying drugs and novel treatment approaches. In general, the program will include:

  1. Direct, supervised MS out-patient and in-patient care
  2. Exposure to multidisciplinary and patient-centered care
  3. Didactic activities
  4. Clinical and translational research (clinician scientists path)

More specific components of training include

  1. MS epidemiology and genetics
  2. Basic MS immunology and neurobiology
  3. Neuroradiology and advance imaging techniques
  4. Differential diagnosis of MS and related disorders
  5. Treatment of MS, including the use of currently FDA-approved disease modifying drugs and steroid based or plasma exchange therapies
  6. Treatment of progressive and aggressive MS, including use of monoclonal antibody or biological therapies and chemotherapeutic agents
  7. Symptomatic treatment and management of MS related symptoms such as: spasticity, pain, fatigue, headache, bowel/bladder care, sexual dysfunction
  8. Counseling tailored to specific individual patient needs
  9. Ancillary services and rehabilitation programs available in the day to day care of MS
  10. Clinical trial design, implementation, and participation
  11. Patient education activities
  12. Participation in additional activities, including community based education and service

Expectations (in addition to training components listed above)

  1. The fellow will participate in the delivery of didactics to USC Neurology residents and students
  2. The fellow will participate in the delivery of didactics to USC Neurology residents and students
  3. The fellow will attend and participate in weekly clinical case conference
  4. The fellow will be expected to submit a manuscript for publication to a peer-reviewed journal
  5. The fellow will be expected to identify, develop or standardize a “tool” to improve patient care in the clinics.

The USC MS Center Environment

The USC Multiple Sclerosis Center at the Keck School of Medicine of USC is the largest referral center for MS patients in the greater southern California area. The center is recognized as a “Partner in MS” by the National MS Society, and is a member of both the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) and the Race to Erase MS Center without walls. Our MS specialists participate in numerous local, national and international scientific meetings and community programs.

The USC MS Center provides a patient-centered program of integrated interdisciplinary, high quality medical care, rehabilitation and network support to MS patients, their families and caregivers. Most patients come from the Los Angeles metropolitan region, but there are a significant number of physician and self-referrals from within California, the continental United States, and from many foreign countries. We provide leadership to the MS community and partnership for MS care in well-established alliances with community neurologists and other physicians within our local referral network. The development of a fellowship program addresses a key mission of our center: to address the current shortfall in physicians specializing in MS. This mission is greatly facilitated by our affiliation with the Los Angeles General Medical Center and clinics, allowing us to provide unparalleled opportunities to participate in and contribute to exceptional longitudinal care for a highly diverse population of MS patients.

In addition to excellence in clinical care, the USC MS Center has long been an active participant in clinical trials sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and pharmaceutical companies. Patients have ready access to participate in cutting edge trials, as well as in individual investigator initiated clinical studies. In addition, clinical research is integrated with basic science research projects with potential for translation from pre-clinical stages to phase I clinical trials.

How to Apply

All fellowship applicants can register for the fellowship through the SFMatch website –