Diversity & Inclusion Committee

USC is committed to increasing diversity within medicine. The OB/GYN residents and faculty created the diversity and inclusion committee in 2018 to promote an inclusive environment within our program and enhance the experience among our medical faculty, staff, residents, and patients. Our goals include:

  1. To increase diversity within the workplace by promoting the recruitment & retainment of underrepresented residents and faculty members.
    We provide a pipeline mentoring program between medical students and residents, as well as between residents and USC OB/GYN alumni. Our mentoring program allows for natural, organic relationships to form in an effort to assist proteges with navigating the unique experiences of being an underrepresented provider within medicine. The residents are supported by a Diversity Chief Resident, a role created in 2019, in an effort to provide a resource in the event any unique situations occur during residency.
  2. To stimulate discussion surrounding implicit bias within medicine and its effects on patients and healthcare workers
    We provide regular diversity and inclusion lectures & interactive workshops for medical students, residents, and faculty to discover ways to become a better provider for our patients. We strive to incorporate diversity into the enhancement of leadership and communication skills among our residents and faculty/ staff. We host biannual Grand Round lectures in which leaders within the field of diversity and medicine discuss various topics to our program.
  3. To produce clinical research among diversity and inclusion topics regarding patient care and resident/ faculty wellness
    We strive to create studies regarding residency experiences & wellness among underrepresented providers. We also strive to create studies regarding our patient’s experiences and support within our hospital and to how this correlates to patient outcomes.

Faculty Chairs: Dr. Nicole Bender, Dr. Nicole Mitchell, Dr. Brittney Johnson.

Please contact Dr. Nicole Mitchell with any questions or inquires: evelyn.mitchell@med.usc.edu.