Primary Care Physician Assistant Program Tuition and Fees

The PA Program is a 33-month academic program. There are no out-of-state resident fees. This quote does not include university mandatory fees, university student health fees, PA Program books and supplies, or living expenses. Program tuition is subject to change, and typically updated annually.

A non-refundable enrollment commitment deposit of $500 (credited toward the first semester’s tuition) is required at the time a selected applicant accepts a position in the class.

Students are responsible for transportation, parking, room and board, textbooks, laptop and tablet, medical equipment, lab fees and supplies. After completion of the PA Program students are responsible for the costs of the PA National Certifying Examination and the initial licensing fee in their chosen state for practice.

Listed are the current academic tuition and fees for each year of the program. These fees are based upon current information available at the time of publication. The university reserves the right to change without notice, any of the tuition and/or fees listed. Fees do not include medical equipment, textbooks, or living expenses. Tuition and fees are the same for resident and nonresident students. Visit the USC Tuition Refund Insurance Program for more information.

For information about policies and procedures for refunds and fees, please visit

Direct Costs F/S 2021-2022 F/S 2021-2022 F/S 2022-2023

Program Tuition

$59,260 $57,560 $57,560

Mandatory Fees

Student Health $813 $813 $1,066
Program Fee $86 $86 $86
Topping Scholarships $16 $16 $16
Health Insurance $2,200 $2,116 $2,116
Technology/Lab Jacket/Scrubs $3,150* $100 $100
Mandatory Fees Total $6,265 $3,131 $3,384

Total Program Costs





*The Program requires students to provide an iPad and highly-recommends a MacBook or laptop equivalent. Our estimate provides a range for these costs and does not include student discounts or sales tax. Please contact the USC Bookstore for student prices. For more information or questions about technology-based costs, please email Clinical Instructor Jennifer Ramos at