Faculty mentors are committed to training students on their path to develop a career in research.

research training

Research opportunities help students increase their research profile by providing access to experiences in both basic and clinical biomedical sciences. Students receive training in diverse clinical settings where they encounter conditions they can then research in the lab.

About Training & Education

The Keck School of Medicine is representative of a small number of premier academic institutions in which research and teaching are inextricably intertwined. Students work with a faculty mentor in small groups to apply basic science to clinical research in their chosen field.

Training requires completion of a Required Scholarly Project (RSP), a faculty mentored research project designed to provide students the opportunity to engage in hypothesis-driven research to promote analytical thinking skills. The RSP is a longitudinal experience throughout all four years of medical school, the aim of which is to expose students to the process of scientific inquiry, teaching them how to formulate an answerable question and the requisite methodology in seeking appropriate answers. To learn more, visit Year II Requirements, then scroll down to “Required Student Project.”

Research Mentors

With a faculty to student ratio of 1:7, Keck School students get to know faculty, many of whom are engaged in research and collaborate with students in their projects. Some are available to mentor students and help them plan their careers.

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Short Courses

Short courses are offered for new clinical/translational researchers, clinical researchers seeking to develop their skills in reading and interpreting reports of clinical/translational research.

Short-courses will involve group exercises and lectures from experts within clinical and translational research. The-courses are offered in various forms, including weekends, seminars, and other formats to meet audience needs.

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Center for Excellence in Research

The Center for Excellence in Research offers training for faculty, postdocs, graduate students, and faculty staff to become more effective in initiating and managing research.