Center Organization and Core Laboratories

This diagram shows the center’s organization with various components supporting the center’s research, education/training/ outreach activities including the center’s Core Laboratories which not only support center investigators but also serve as the national resources via provision of unique services.

The Center’s Core Laboratories not only support center investigators but also serve as the national resources.

Animal Core

The Animal Core is the center’s scientific hub for catalyzing research on in vivo genetic, cellular, and molecular mechanisms underlying the pathogenesis of alcoholic liver and pancreatic diseases (ALPD), as well as alcohol-promoted liver and pancreatic cancer by investigators within and outside of the center via provision of 16 different versions of mouse models. More ›

Integrative Liver Cell Core

The Integrative Liver Cell Core, formerly known as the Non-Parenchymal Liver Cell Core strives to serve the scientific community of alcoholic liver disease (ALD) and cirrhosis via specialized services involving isolation of different liver cell types from normal rodents and rodent models of ALD, liver fibrosis and cancer. More ›

Morphology Core

The Morphology Core supports the Center projects’ need for standardized morphological analysis while achieving net cost effectiveness. More ›

Administrative Core

This core provides the centralized administrative services to all regional Center components and activities. It also supports administrative management of the center’s technical core laboratories and plans and implements public relations and educational programs. More ›

Contacting the Administrative Office:
Southern California Research Center for ALPD & Cirrhosis
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