Regional Multi-Investigator Collaborations

Sixty center members have active collaborative relationships as schematically represented in this figure (dotted lines indicate collaborations). These collaborative efforts have resulted in the following 11 multiple-investigator National Institute of Health (NIH) and Department of Defense (DOD) grants, serving as concrete evidence for excellence in science synergized by collaborations among the center investigators (grant titles abbreviated):

5U01AA027681 Immunosuppressive mechanism of liver cancer (Karin, Shalapour, Tsukamoto)

5U01AA029019 IL-23 inhibitor for AALD (Loomba, Kisseleva)

5U01DK130190 San Diego Cirrhosis Clinical Research Network (Loomba)

5U01AA026817 S-adenosyl methionine treatment in alcoholic cirrhosis (Lu, Liangpunsakul)

5P01CA233452 Determinants of liver metastasis (Lu, Pandol, Seki)

5U01DK108314 Greater LA clinical center for chronic pancreatitis and pancreatic cancer (Pandol, Goodarzi)

5U01DK127403 So California clinical Center of the type 1 diabetes in acute pancreatitis (Pandol, Goodarzi)

5U01AA026939 Microbe as therapeutic target in alcoholic hepatitis (Schnabl, Fouts)

1U01DK130197 USC Cirrhosis Clinical Center (Terrault, Stolz)

5R01AA028234 Hepatocyte-derived EVs in ALD (Feldstein, Tsukamoto, Schnabl)

3R01AG072896 Liver-brain axis by alcohol and its impact on Alzheimers disease (Han, Sumbria, Kaplowitz)

W81XWH1910888 Mechanisms and treatment for alcohol-associated pancreatitis (Pandol, Gukovskaya, Lugea)

W81XWH2010375 S-adenosyl methionine in protection against chemotherapy-induced liver injury (Pandol, Lu)

W81XWH2010317 Mechanism promoting inflammation and recovery in chronic pancreatitis (Pandol)