Advancing the State of the Art

Exterior of buildings at USC Health Sciences Campus.

The Department of Medical Education is crucial for the Keck School of Medicine’s mission, focusing on physician education and advancing medical education more broadly. It oversees the MD and MD-PhD programs and houses administrative offices such as Admissions, Student Affairs, Curriculum, and Diversity and Inclusion.

The department comprises faculty members with expertise in various areas of medical education, including instructional design, curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, and faculty development. Their goal is to support the educational mission at the Keck School and to provide comprehensive support to the MD program.

In addition to the MD program, the Department of Medical Education oversees the Master of Academic Medicine and Master of Science in Narrative Medicine programs, and offers an undergraduate Minor in Health Care Studies. In addition to the dual-degree USC-Caltech MD-PhD Program, the department supports the MD-MPH and MD-MBA programs as well.

Annually, the department educates over 1,000 students and hosts the Innovations in Medical Education Conference to foster the exchange of new ideas in medical education.