Clinical Trials

A Randomized Phase III Clinical Trial Evaluating Post-Mastectomy Chestwall and Regional Nodal XRT and Post-Lumpectomy Regional Nodal XRT in Patients with Positive Axillary Nodes Before Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy who Convert to Pathologically Negative Axillary Nodes After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy. (Eugene Chung, MD, PhD, JD)
RTOG-0815 A Phase III Prospective Randomized Trial of Dose-Escalated Radiotherapy With or Without Short-Term Androgen Deprivation Therapy for Patients with Intermediate-Risk Prostate Cancer. (Leslie Ballas, MD)
RTOG-0924 Androgen Deprivation Therapy and High Dose Radiotherapy with or without Whole-Pelvic Radiotherapy In Unfavorable Intermediate Or Favorable High Risk Prostate Cancer: A Phase III Randomized Trial. (Leslie Ballas, MD)
NRG-BN001 Randomized Phase II Trial of Hypofractionated Dose-Escalated Photon IMRT or Proton Beam Therapy versus Conventional Photon Irradiation With Concomitant and Adjuvant Temozolomide in Patients with Newly Diagnosed Glioblastoma. (Richard L.S. Jennelle, MD)
NRG-GU001 Randomized Phase II Trial of Postoperative Adjuvant IMRT following Cystectomy for pT3/pT4 Urothelial Bladder Cancer. (Leslie Ballas, MD)
CTSU/NCCTG-N107C A Phase III Trial of Post-Surgical Stereotactic Radiosurgery (SRS) Compared with Whole Brain Radiotherapy (WBRT) for Resected Metastatic Brain Disease. (Eric L. Chang, MD)
0R-14-2 Evaluation of Targeted Radiofrequency Ablation and Vertebral Augmentation prior to or following Radiation Therapy to Treat Painful Metastatic Vertebral Body Tumor(s). (Eric L. Chang, MD)