Research Opportunities

Students are encouraged to pursue the diverse and innovative research opportunities available to them through the various academic departments, research centers and institutes at the Keck School of Medicine. The Office for Medical Student Research supports students through the process of identifying research interests and facilitates networking opportunities with dedicated faculty mentors. Formal research programs range from sho­rt-term to year-long opportunities with stipends and funding for conference travel.

Keck & Saban Summer Research Fellowships

The Keck & Saban Summer Research Fellowship programs are available to students in the summer between years I and II. These opportunities allow year I medical students to conduct six weeks of full-time research with a faculty mentor. Students can learn about research opportunities and meet prospective mentors in their field of interest at information sessions, Medical Student Research Brown Bag meetings, and mixers occurring throughout year I.

The Scholarly Project

The Scholarly Project is a longitudinal learning and experiential course that provides medical students the educational foundations to participate in hypothesis-driven research. All students conduct a research project with a mentor of their choice as part of the course, which culminates with a poster presentation at the annual Medical Student Research Forum & Poster Day. Viable disciplines encompass a wide spectrum to include clinical and basic science to QI, public health, education, and more.

Research Electives

Medical students who wish to receive four to eight weeks of course credit can complete a research elective during the post-clerkship phase of the MD curriculum. Research electives offer students an additional experience in the wide-ranging fields of medicine practiced at Keck and its affiliated institutions, both domestic and abroad.

Dean’s Research Scholars Program

The Dean’s Research Scholars (DRS) Program is a competitive fifth-year fellowship for medical students who wish to spend an additional year conducting full-time biomedical research in a discipline and area of their choice. The DRS year is designed to provide medical students access to rigorous research experiences in both basic and clinical biomedical sciences. Students can pursue this option between years II and III or between years III and IV.

Additional Research Opportunities

Clinical Scientist Training Program (CTSP) for Medical Students
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Jeff Riddell

Dr. Jeffrey Riddell
Director, Scholarly Project and Dean’s Research Scholars program

Roland Rapanot
Research Advisor
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