Service and Outreach

The Department of Family Medicine works in partnership with our community to do outreach and service. This is part of our core beliefs and we incorporate this in the areas of research, education, clinical care and community.

Street Medicine serves the homeless community by providing direct care on the streets and under bridges to the unsheltered and hardest to reach populations. All care is provided free of charge and delivered on-site, including dispensing medications and drawing blood for testing. Not only does Street Medicine offer care — often lifesaving care — but it also reduces costs for communities by addressing many health concerns before they intensify.

The USC PA Pathways Program aims to provide equity, diversity, and inclusion to youth who identify as black, Latino/a, LGTBQ+, indigenous, first-generation students and those educationally and economically disadvantaged by providing services and resources to support their educational development and personal career paths. Exposing participants to an array of health careers. Students from the Primary Care PA Program at USC, support and mentor through the USC PA Pathways Program with an emphasis on equity-based health care in their own education and practice.

Medical students in our Primary Care Program do weekly nutrition and exercise classes for the community at the Wellness Center. They also do service opportunities with Homeboy Industries to help with tattoo removal.

Housed in the Department of Family Medicine, the NCEA provides relevant information, materials, and support to enhance state and local efforts to prevent and address elder mistreatment. It disseminates information to professionals and the public, and provides technical assistance and training to states and to community-based organizations.