Primary Care Initiative

Our program was ranked in the top 50 by US News and World Report.

The Keck School of Medicine of USC Primary Care Initiative is designed to increase the number of Keck medical students who enter community- based primary care (family medicine, geriatrics, internal medicine and pediatrics) by providing them with multiple community and primary care experiences, in addition to faculty mentoring across the four years of medical school. It is also designed to enhance the primary care opportunities and exposure for the entire Keck Health Science community.

Within the Primary Care Initiative, the Primary Care Program (PCP) is a track that offers medical students the opportunity to experience patient care in urban, primarily underserved primary care community care settings with pediatric, family medicine and internal medicine mentors. Students get early “hands-on” experience with patient care, health education and build relationships with patients alongside a community mentor and a primary care ICM mentor. Students receive additional training in nutrition, community-based diabetic education, inter-professional team care, and geriatrics. Additionally, electives are available to these students in homeless, tattoo removal, acupuncture for pain management, and needle exchange program. The PCP forms a community of like-minded students for social events, a retreat, and community networking.

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