Keck School of Medicine of USC students display their Match Day certificates


Students at the Keck School of Medicine are talented and driven to succeed in every way, both in the classroom and in the clinics and hospitals of our communities. Today’s students will find the solutions to the biggest medical problems we face. Help relieve their financial burdens, upgrade their learning environment, or improve their mental health to fuel even greater success stories and better health for us all.

  • Scholarships
  • Student Mental Health


Sometimes genius is the gift. Sometimes genius needs a gift.

Medical breakthroughs and new technology are igniting both the practice and teaching of medicine, and USC is leading the way to transform the future of health for us all, beginning with our students. Scholarships help us recruit the top medical students in the country. The more brilliant students we can recruit and the more we can spark their unique genius, the brighter the future shines for everyone.

Mental Health

You can help improve thousands of students’ lives and reduce the stigma of mental health issues through a new program at USC: the Universal Screening Program. The USC Student Mental Health Clinic will deliver proactive outreach to students, directing them to appropriate care based on a new interactive screening tool. This program includes early intervention services administered by specially trained faculty.