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About the Infectious Diseases, Immunology and Pathogenesis PhD Program

W. Martin Kast, PhDProgram Chair
W. Martin Kast, PhD
Program Director

The objective of the PhD program in Infectious Diseases, Immunology and Pathogenesis (IDIP) is to educate investigators to develop strategies to translate and implement knowledge from cellular, molecular and genetic advances into studies of normal human organ system function and dysfunction in health and disease and how to reverse dysfunction by medical treatment. Animal disease models, as well as clinical trials in patients, are frequently used to advance this field.

The program applies multidisciplinary approaches to understanding the human organism as a whole. Breadth of medically-related interests and training are major features of this track, and the faculty is characterized by having wide and varied skills in many research areas. To facilitate application of multidisciplinary approaches, close and regular contact between participating faculty and students is a major theme of this PhD program.

The IDIP program caters to MD/PhD students, clinician scientists and Programs in Biomedical and Biological Sciences (PIBBS) students interested in but not limited to the following fields: Immunology (including Cancer Immunology), Virology (including Cancer Virology), Microbiology, Physiology and Pathology. (Examples include diabetes, obesity, autoimmunity, infectious diseases, gastrointestinal and liver diseases, heart and lung diseases, hypertension, central nervous system diseases, etc.)

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