Illustration of biological molecules in curved arrangement.

About the Medical Biophysics PhD Program

Ralf Langen, Ph.D.Program Chair
Ralf Langen, Ph.D.
Program Director

The goal of the PhD program in Medical Biophysics (MBPH) is to train the next generation of structural biologists and biophysicists to a) be very familiar with the basic chemical and physical principles important in every living organism, b) be proficient with the theoretical and practical aspects of the of important experimental and theoretical biophysical methods, c) to be able to apply these methods to answer fundamental biomedical questions, d) to become responsible investigators eager to translate their findings. The program includes all aspects of biophysics, with an emphasis on structural biology and on application of biophysical methods and theories to answer important biomedical questions.

The MBPH program is an inter-campus program that includes faculty from all over USC who not only have active biophysical research programs and serve as mentors, but also contribute to courses offered by the program. In addition, a monthly biophysics seminar series with presentations from USC and outside faculty will expose the students to current biophysical research. As the result, the MBPH program will teach a comprehensive overview about all aspects of biophysics including hands-on training in many biophysical methods. Consequently, students will obtain practical and theoretical knowledge as well as the necessary overview to be able to complete a successful thesis.

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