Two USC Street Medicine staff attend to male patient.

USC Street Medicine, in recognition of the sacred humanity of our neighbors suffering on the streets, goes to the people sleeping on the streets, under the freeways, in riverbeds, or wherever they reside, to first deliver an understanding love, then the same quality of care on the street you’d expect in a brick-and-mortar clinic. This is not done inside an RV, but with a pick-up truck and backpacks, meeting the people in their lived reality. By caring for the material, physical and spiritual poverty associated with unsheltered homelessness.  In Los Angeles for the individuals the program has cared for, USC Street Medicine has:

  • Reduced hospital admissions by 75%
  • Decreased length of hospital stay: 12 to 7.9 days
  • Housed those experiencing homeless: 42% housed within a year of first “office visit” on the street

However, the magnitude of the homeless crisis means we can’t do it alone. As a top academic medical center, our mission is to train and equip others to do the work and create platforms for collaboration across the state of California and beyond. Our work is led by the people we serve, letting the streets inform our vision of a liberating future.