Research Mission

Street Medicine staff presenting at a conference

USC Street Medicine Research is dedicated to leading and collaborating in research and quality improvement work focused on the health, wellbeing, and dignity of people experiencing unsheltered homelessness and the individuals who support them. We are interested in person-centered models of care, services, and education that use a multidisciplinary approach and are guided by people with lived experience with homelessness.

Research Team

Our research team is a diverse, interprofessional group trained in medicine, health services research, gerontology, social work, anthropology, education, and policy. Our work is guided by the expertise of people with current and former lived experience with homelessness. Together, we are committed to designing, conducting, and disseminating impactful research that contributes to the scientific basis of Street Medicine and promotes high-quality care for people experiencing unsheltered homelessness. 


Active Studies

Our current research projects focus on the following priority areas:

  • Hepatitis C
  • Aging and Older Adults
  • Reproductive Health
  • Pharmacotherapy with Long-acting Injectable Antipsychotic Medication
  • HOUSED BEDS Assessment
  • Clinical Guidelines for Street Medicine
  • Education and Training

We are always looking for new research collaborators and to embark on new projects. If you are interested in learning more about USC Street Medicine Research, please contact our team at:

Learners and trainees interested in research opportunities with USC Street Medicine Research may submit an interest form here.

Support our work

Philanthropic contribution of any giving level for street medicine research, in general, and for a particular topic, specifically, will support the conduct of scholarly research and growth of the scientific evidence-base behind street medicine. Please visit our Support page to learn more .

Publications and Media


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    Behavioral Health

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