About Our Research Programs

The mission of the research division of the Department of Emergency Medicine is to create a vibrant, collaborative and sustainable environment for faculty, residents and students, in which solutions to pressing health questions can be thoughtfully developed, honestly critiqued and, ultimately, rigorously tested.

The research division of the Department of Emergency Medicine has enjoyed tremendous growth between 2011 and 2015 and is now well-positioned to achieve its mission. The department has seen a marked increase in scholarly production, grant applications and external funding and is now exceeding $1 million in grant funding annually for past three years from prominent funding agencies such as the NIH, National Institute of Justice, Department of Defense, Naval Medical Research Center, CDC, Gilead Sciences, Massimo Corporation, California HIV/AIDS Research Program and the LA County Office of AIDS Programs and Policy, among others.

The division has recruited two exceptional, full-time faculty researchers: Cynthia Bir, PhD, from Wayne State University and Seth Seabury PhD, from the RAND Corporation. Dr. Bir is an international expert in biomechanical engineering with extensive experience studying human injury tolerances in response to ballistic impacts, blast forces and sports stresses. Dr. Seabury is nationally recognized a health economist who focuses on how medical treatment, health care costs and patient outcomes are affected by legal and regulatory policy.