Our Divisions

Each Division is a nexus of expertise and innovation, contributing uniquely to the advancement of emergency medicine. As you explore the following Divisions, you’ll discover the dedicated teams and groundbreaking initiatives that define our commitment to research, education, and healthcare excellence.

Areas of Expertise

Division of Emergency Medicine Research

We’ve built a vibrant, collaborative and sustainable environment for medical researchers to create and test new solutions for the most pressing questions in emergency medicine.

Division of Global Emergency Medicine

Sitting at the crossroads of clinical medicine and public health, our division develops best practices for restoring and protecting the health of vulnerable populations worldwide.

Pediatric Emergency Medicine

Our expert physicians see about 25,000 pediatric patients every year. In addition to providing the best in care, we advance emergency treatment for the youngest patients through research and policy.

Division of Toxicology

Whether affected by poison, venom or drugs of abuse, patients receive exceptional care through our division. We are shaping the future of medical toxicology with in-depth education and research.

Division of Emergency Ultrasound

Sonography is a crucial tool in emergency medicine, from diagnosis to monitoring treatment. Our specialists provide the best in point-of-care ultrasound while educating the next generation of experts.