We All Belong

That’s the idea behind JEDI-WeST (Justice through Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Well-Being and Social Transformation), an initiative designed to foster and promote a campus community where learners, faculty and staff feel respected, valued, encouraged and supported. We work with other equity, social justice and well-being initiatives at the Keck School and across the University to develop policies and programming that create a space of belonging for all, amplify the voices of historically marginalized groups, and increase the diversity of our workforce and student body.

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A Commitment to Inclusion

JEDI-WeST was created as a coalition of faculty, staff, students and campus leaders working to transform the culture of the Keck School of Medicine. Meet some of the people behind our mission.

You Spoke, We Listened

The Keck School of Medicine community is regularly surveyed to assess its culture and climate. Learners, faculty and staff are invited to share their experiences and the insights we gain are used to develop policies and programming to advance our mission of creating a campus where everyone can thrive. Learn More.


JEDI-WeST envisions an inclusive and diverse environment at KSOM where all constituents (learners, staff, and faculty) are respected, valued, encouraged and supported to thrive in pursuit of solving the most intractable health problems afflicting humanity.


The mission of JEDI-WeST is to support and develop programming, policies, and practices that create an inclusive and diverse community at KSOM.


JEDI-WeST values align with USC’s six unifying values of integrity, open communication, excellence, well-being, accountability and diversity, equity & inclusion.

JEDI-WeST Members

JEDI-WeST is a group of diverse and committed faculty, staff and students. See our roster here.

For faculty, staff and students

Raising our Voices

“I aim to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion through the principles of truth and justice. I hope this fosters communities where every voice is heard, valued, and appreciated – a place where everyone can thrive.”

Lisa Richardson, MD
Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Medicine, Vice-Chair of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


“One area of focus in my work has been an expansion of our DEI efforts to include the rich intersectional identities of our faculty and build community among that faculty that enhances communication and understanding.”

Michael Bryant, MD, MBA
Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Vice Chair of Diversity Equity, Inclusion


Honoring Native Lands & Indigenous Peoples

JEDI-WeST acknowledges that we are on the traditional land of the Tongva People. For thousands of years, the Tongva people lived on this land we occupy today, and were considered the most powerful indigenous peoples to inhabit the Los Angeles basin. Along with the Tongva, we also recognize the Chumash, Tataviam, Serrano, Cahuilla, Juaneno, and Luiseno People, for the land that USC also occupies around Southern California. We pay respects to their elders past and present. Please take a moment to consider the many legacies of violence, displacement, migration, and settlement that bring us here today. And please join us in uncovering such truths at any and all events.

Call to Action

Join us in our commitment to developing authentic relationships with our Indigenous colleagues and community members, challenging and rejecting stereotypes about Indigenous people, and learning more about the needs and wishes of our local Indigenous communities.