Salerni Collegium Student Chapter

The Salerni Collegium Alumni Association (SCAA) supports medical students every step of the way on the journey through medical school and after graduation. SCAA is home to over 14,000 alumni, residents, faculty, students, parents, and friends and was founded in 1958. SCAA was named after the medical school in Salerno, Italy, renowned as the cradle of Western Medicine. For more than 60 years, SCAA has played a vital role in funding programs that support medical students in the quest to become world-class doctors. The student chapter facilitates opportunities for alumni to engage with current medical students providing networking opportunities, as well as career guidance and support.

You are invited to join the Salerni Collegium Alumni Association Student Chapter. Membership benefits enrich your academic and professional experience with a multitude of opportunities:

  • Alumni Networking
  • Football Pre-Game Picnics at the University Park Campus
  • 10% discount at HSC Bookstore
  • Mentor and Shadowing Programs
  • Professional Networking
  • Scholarship Opportunities
  • Wellness Activities

How to Join?

It’s easy, just submit your membership dues to get started.