Introducing BDIR Workshops!

Our BDIR (Business Development and Industry Relations) workshops are designed to guide faculty and postdocs through the dynamic landscape of university-industry engagement, offering insights and strategies for forging successful collaborations.

Workshop Focus: Understanding & Developing Pathways for Engagement

The BDIR workshops are tailored to explore the multifaceted nature of university-industry partnerships. Understanding that these relationships are diverse and evolve over time, our workshops aim to:

  • Illuminate the Spectrum of Partnership Possibilities: We delve into the breadth of ways universities and companies can interact, offering a comprehensive view of the potential paths for collaboration.
  • Address Objectives and Constraints: Recognizing that the objectives and constraints of each party shape the nature of the partnership, our workshops provide guidance on aligning interests and navigating challenges.
  • Co-Creating Success with You: When you share with us companies that are interested in your research, we don’t just listen; we engage. Together, we’ll co-create tailored strategies that leverage these opportunities to their fullest potential. Your insights combined with our expertise ensure a path forward that is not only viable but also visionary.

Ongoing Support: MESH Strategic Partnership Team

  • Beyond Workshops: The support from the MESH Strategic Partnership team doesn’t end with the workshops. We are committed to providing a comprehensive suite of industry engagement services, ensuring continuous guidance and assistance in your collaborative endeavors.

Call to Action

We invite faculty and postdocs to participate in our BDIR workshops. This is an opportunity to gain valuable insights into the art of building and sustaining productive university-industry relationships. Whether you are new to industry collaborations, have a company interested in your research, or looking to deepen existing partnerships, these workshops will provide you with the knowledge and tools needed to navigate this complex but rewarding domain, with the ongoing support of the MESH team.

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