For Industry Leaders: Join our BDIR Workshops and Share Your Expertise and Explore Shared Interests.

At the Keck School of Medicine, we value the critical role industry plays in advancing innovations. Our BDIR (Business Development and Industry Relations) workshops offer a unique platform for industry leaders to connect with our researchers and explore shared interests.

Engage in Our Workshops

  • Host a Workshop: We extend an open invitation to industry partners to lead and host workshops. This is a unique opportunity to guide discussions, share industry-specific challenges and insights, and directly influence the direction of collaborative research and innovation.
  • Share Your Expertise: We invite industry representatives to present on areas of interest and innovation within your field. Your insights are invaluable in shaping the future of bioscience research and development.
  • Interact with Leading Researchers: Engage in meaningful dialogues with our researchers. These interactions foster a deeper understanding of current academic research and open doors to potential collaborative projects.
  • Co-Create Impactful Solutions: By participating in our BDIR workshops, you have the opportunity to co-create strategies with our faculty, merging academic insights with industry practicality to develop solutions that address real-world healthcare challenges.

Ongoing Collaboration: MESH Strategic Partnership Team

Beyond Workshops: Engaging with the Keck School of Medicine extends beyond workshop participation. The MESH Strategic Partnership team is dedicated to facilitating continuous interactions and collaborations, ensuring that partnerships are nurtured and grown for mutual benefit.

Call to Action

We welcome industry partners to join us in this collaborative journey. Your participation and input are crucial in driving forward the next wave of bioscience innovations. Connect with us to explore how your industry expertise can align with cutting-edge academic research for a healthier future.

Contact Tian Deng, Ph.D., Manager, Corporate Collaborations and Strategic Partnerships,