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Illustration of how MESH colleborate

MESH Strategic Partnerships helps bring USC researchers and industry experts together for success. Explore the available services below and contact us to start a conversation on how MESH can help you meet your goals. Here’s how we do it:

  • Personalized Strategy Meetings: Receive personalized attention and expert advice to strategically source and manage industry collaborations aligned with your research or entrepreneurial goals.
  • Innovation Cafes: Participate in use-inspired idea incubator grounded in unmet medical needs.
  • Business Development and Industry Relations
    • Building Connections: We help USC researchers meet industry leaders through personal connections and various networking events.
    • Navigating University Resources: We guide our industry partners on how to connect with our internal innovation bioscience ecosystem. From introductions to researchers to access to centers, state-of-the-art facilities, and the latest technologies.
    • Creating Opportunity Briefs: We put together briefs that highlight mutual interests and goals. These briefs help match academic interests with industry needs, forming a basis for agreements to support these opportunities.
    • Customizing Partnering Strategies: We develop unique strategies and plans to help collaborations succeed. This approach speeds up discoveries, helping both USC researchers and industry partners.
    • Managing Alliances: We keep an eye on partnerships to make sure they are going well. We identify potential issues early and help to solve them and facilitate communication and collaboration between partners.
  • Entrepreneurial Support: We offer mentoring and networking opportunities for aspiring USC entrepreneurs and startup founders. We can provide advice on pitch decks and help them meet other entrepreneurs, investors, and industry leaders at events, and conferences.