Sponsored Research

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Center Core for Vision Research

Center Core for Vision Research NIH/NEI Mahnaz Shahidi, PhD

Clinician-Scientist Training Grant

USC Roski Eye K12 Clinician-Vision Scientist Training Program (USC Roski Eye K12) NIH/NEI Mark Humayun, MD, PhD

Cornea/Ocular Surface

Role of Cathepsin S in Dry Eye Associated Neuropathic Pain NIH/NEI Maria Edman, PhD
Protein-polymer Nanomedicine for Sjogren’s Syndrome NIH/NEI Sarah Hamm-Alvarez, PhD
Microtubule-Based Transport in Lacrimal Gland Function NIH/NEI Sarah Hamm-Alvarez, PhD
Enhanced Preservation of Donor Corneas OneLegacy Foundation J. Martin Heur, MD, PhD
Reversibly Adhesive Hydrogel for Temporary Treatment of Traumatic Open Globe Injury in Austere Environments DoD John Whalen, PhD


Intrauterine exposure to tobacco smoke, DNA methylation, and vision disorders in preschool children NIH/NEI Xuejuan Jiang, PhD
Integrative Analysis of Genetic and Epigenetic Variation in Maternal Smoking’s Effect on Child’s Eye Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program Xuejuan Jiang, PhD


Chemically Reprogrammed Retinal Ganglion Cell Therapy to Treat Glaucomatous Neuropathy Glaucoma Research Foundation Biraj Mahato, PhD
Development and Validation of Quantitative Anterior Segment OCT-based Methods to Evaluate Patients with Primary Angle Closure Disease NIH/NEI Benjamin Xu, MD, PhD
Treatment Patterns and Clinical Outcomes in Newly-Diagnosed Cases of Angle Closure With and Without Glaucoma: A Cross-sectional and Longitudinal Analysis American Glaucoma Society Benjamin Xu, MD, PhD
High-resolution Elastographic Assessment of the Optic Nerve Head NIH/NEI Qifa Zhou, PhD


In vivo Application of Electrical Fields Directs Retinal Ganglion Cell Axon Regeneration NIH/NEI Kimberly Gokoffski, MD, PhD
Wearable Early Intervention Electric Stimulation for Optic Nerve Regeneration DoD Kimberly Gokoffski, MD, PhD
GCR: Reprogramming Biological Neural Networks with Field-Based Engineered Systems NSF Gianluca Lazzi, PhD, MBA; Kimberly Gokoffski, MD, PhD; Mark Humayun, MD, PhD
Electric Fields Collaborate with Cdc42 to Direct Optic Nerve Regeneration BrightFocus Foundation Kimberly Gokoffski, MD, PhD
Directing Axon Growth with Biphasic Electrical Stimulation Baxter Foundation Kimberly Gokoffski, MD, PhD
Biomechanical mapping of the optic nerve head and peripapillary sclera using high frequency ultrasonic elastography NIH/NEI Qifa Zhou, PhD

Ocular Oncology

Development of a Surrogate Liquid Biopsy from the Aqueous Humor in Retinoblastoma Eyes NIH/NCI Jesse Berry, MD
Harnessing the Power of Data to Save Lives: Building the Retinoblastoma Data Commons Children’s Cancer Research Fund Jesse Berry, MD
Molecular characterization of retinoblastoma in vivo using the aqueous humor liquid biopsy Children’s Oncology Group Jesse Berry, MD
Sensitive detection of minimal residual intraocular disease by analysis of cell-free DNA tumor fraction in the aqueous humor of eyes with retinoblastoma: a step towards precision medicine Wright Foundation Jesse Berry, MD
Successive responses to oncogenic aberrations in retinoblastoma genesis NIH/NCI David Cobrinik, MD, PhD


Validating a machine learning model of eye tracking in children with cortical visual impairment (CVI) NIH/NCI Melinda Chang, MD
Eye tracking and Teller acuity for visual assessment in children with cortical visual impairment (CVI) Blind Children’s Center Jesse Berry, MD


Predictive Medicine Inherited Retinal Dystrophy Gene Correction Program Knights Templar Eye Foundation David Cobrinik, MD, PhD; Aaron Nagiel, MD, PhD
EFRI CEE: Engineered Retinal Epigenomics NSF Mark Humayun, MD, PhD
PRPE-SF, polarized hESC-derived RPE Soluble Factors, as a Therapy for Early Stage Dry Age-related Macular Degeneration CIRM Mark Humayun, MD, PhD
Chemically reprogrammed Müller cell derived retinal ganglion cells to study and treat optic nerve hypoplasia Knights Templar Eye Foundation Biraj Mahato, PhD
Role of non-canonical Wnt signaling in the developing human photoreceptor-bipolar cell synapse Research to Prevent Blindness Aaron Nagiel, MD, PhD
Imaging of Retinal Oxygenation and Metabolism NIH/NEI Mahnaz Shahidi, PhD
Imaging of Retinal Oxygen Metabolism in Diabetic Retinopathy NIH/NEI Mahnaz Shahidi, PhD
Two-photon Imaging of Oxygen and Blood Flow in Retinal and Cerebral Vasculature NIH/NINDS Mahnaz Shahidi, PhD
Restoring Sight to the Blind: Neural Imaging with Retinal Prostheses NIH/NEI Noelle Stiles, PhD
VRC: A Stem Cell-Based Treatment Strategy for Laser-Induced Permanent Retinal Damages NIH/NEI Biju Thomas, PhD
Integration and Functionality of Retinal Organoid Transplants NIH/NEI Biju Thomas, PhD
Single particle analysis of extracellular vesicles in the Aqueous Humor of Retinoblastoma Eyes: Moving towards an Integrated Liquid Biopsy Knights Templar Eye Foundation Liya Xu, PhD
Non-invasive Ultrasound Stimulated Retinal Prosthesis NIH/NEI Qifa Zhou, PhD


Health Disparities in the Development, Persistence, and Progression of Uveitis and Ocular Inflammation in the United States NIH/NEI Brian Toy, MD

Visual Processing

Analyses of Retinal Circuits after Rod Rescue in a Mouse Model of Human Blindness NIH/NEI Jeannie Chen, PhD (Physiology and Neuroscience)
Development and Maintenance of the Human Photoreceptor-Bipolar Cell Synapse NIH/NEI Aaron Nagiel, MD, PhD
Processing and transformation of visual signals in the superior colliculus NIH/NEI Huizhong Tao, PhD (Physiology and Neuroscience)


Development of a novel tear-based biomarker assay for diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease using RT-QuIC NIH/NIA Sarah Hamm-Alvarez, PhD
The Cost Effectiveness and Value of Treating Combat Ocular Trauma DoD Mark Humayun, MD, PhD
ENIGMA World Aging Center NIH/NIA Paul Thompson, PhD
Identifying brain networks to predict treatment resistance and post-surgical outcome: An ENIGMA-Epilepsy initiative NIH/NINDS Paul Thompson, PhD
ENIGMA Bipolar Initiative: A Global Study of Imaging Genomics & Clinical Outcomes NIH/NIHMS Paul Thompson, PhD
Redefine Trans-Neuropsychiatric Disorder Brain Patterns through Big-Data and Machine Learning NIH/NIHMS Paul Thompson, PhD
Ultrascale Machine Learning to Empower Discovery in Alzheimers Disease Biobanks NIH/NIA Paul Thompson, PhD
ENIGMA Parkinson’s Initiative: A Global Initiative for Parkinson’s Disease NIH/NINDS Paul Thompson, PhD
ENIGMA-SD: Understanding Sex Differences in Global Mental Health through ENIGMA NIH/NIHMS Paul Thompson, PhD
FiberNET: Deep learning to evaluate brain tract integrity worldwide and in AD NIH/NIA Paul Thompson, PhD
Human Newborn Energy Homeostasis Brain Networks And Infant Adiposity NIH/NIDDK Paul Thompson, PhD
Laboratory of Neuro Imaging Resource (LONIR) NIH/NIBIB Paul Thompson, PhD; Arthur Toga, PhD
Alzheimer Disease Research Center NIH/NIA Arthur Toga, PhD
Vascular Contributions to Dementia and Genetic Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease NIH/NIA Arthur Toga, PhD
Health and Aging Brain among Latino Elders (HABLE-AT(N)) Study NIH/NIA Arthur Toga, PhD
Neurocognitive Aging & Analytics Research Education (NAARE) NIH/NIA Arthur Toga, PhD
Training for the Multiscale and Multimodal Analysis of Biomarkers in Alzheimer’s Disease NIH/NIA Arthur Toga, PhD
The Epilepsy Bioinformatics Study for Antiepileptogenic Therapy (EpiBioS4Rx) NIH/NINDS Arthur Toga, PhD
Data Archive for the Brain Initiative (DABI) NIH/NIHMS Arthur Toga, PhD
Health Disparities in Alzheimer’s Disease and Mild Cognitive Impairment among Mexican Americans NIH/NIA Arthur Toga, PhD
Alzheimer’s Disease Sequencing Project Phenotype Harmonization Consortium NIH/NIA Arthur Toga, PhD
Effects of physical activity on brain function and network connectivity in MCI NIH/NIA Arthur Toga, PhD
Large aperture and wideband modular ultrasound arrays for the diagnosis of liver cancer NIH/NCI Qifa Zhou, PhD
High Resolution Ultrasound in Interventional Radiology NIH/NCI Qifa Zhou, PhD