Keck School of Medicine of USC Department of Otolaryngology was ranked top 10 in NIH Funding

Leading Research

research marquee for otolaryngology

Research is central to our mission because we are not just here to provide the standard-of-care; we are here to advance it. We are proud to be at USC as it is focused on improving the lives of patients, furthering science, and training the next generation of leaders. These are the reasons our faculty decided to come to USC and work at a major university. Every faculty member recognizes the importance of research to our ability to help our patients. Our research generates high-impact discoveries and moving success stories.

Ranked top 10 in NIH research funding, our department has basic, translational and clinical research arms. The strength of our research is in deafness and communicative disorders. Most of the basic science is focused on inner ear biology and physiology, and we have several major labs working on efforts to cure hearing loss. Our translational research involves the development of better hearing aid and cochlear implant sound processing strategies, as well as novel approaches to performing diagnostic hearing tests. Cochlear implant and auditory brainstem implant outcomes form the majority of our NIH-funded clinical research. However, we are also active collaborators with the Cancer Center in clinical trials for head and neck cancer. Finally, we also have clinical research in sleep, voice, swallowing, cancer, rhinology, and airway.


Hearing and Communication Neuroscience Program

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