The Functional Biological Imaging Center

The Functional Biological Imaging Center

The Functional Biological Imaging Center is a newly formed pre-clinical imaging resource at the Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute takes advantage of state-of-the-art preclinical MRI/PET instrumentation provided by MR Solutions (Guildford UK). Simultaneous acquisition of PET and MR images is a newly emerging technology that marries the exquisite sensitivity of PET with the high spatial resolution and soft tissue contrast of MRI.

Instrumentation consists of a cryogen-free 7T 24 cm bore horizontal MRI system specifically designed for molecular imaging studies of rodents and other small animals. A variety of RF coils are available for whole body or brain imaging. A two ring PET imaging system with depth of interaction (DOI) employing silicon photomultiplier (SiPM) detectors fits inside the scanner bore allowing simultaneous acquisition of PET and MRI data. The PET system has an effective axial field-of-view of 90 mm and effective trans-axial field-of-view of 70mm. Anesthesia and physiological monitoring are integral parts of the system.

A small animal vivarium adjacent to the scanner is accessible to house subjects undergoing longitudinal imaging. Center personnel are available for assisting with experiment planning, execution, and data analysis.

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FBI Rates – Pre-Clinical Imaging

MRI Scanner & Technician $100.00 / hr
MRI Scanner & Technician (External User) $200.00 / hr
MRI Scanner (nights & weekends) $20.00 / hr
MRI Scanner – Advanced External User $100.00 / hr
MRI Scanner – Advanced User $50.00 / hr
Materials at cost