Graduate Programs


Interdisciplinary education opportunities for future scientific leaders

The robust graduate student population at Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute (ZNI) comes from a variety of USC programs and departments:

Collaboration and Community

Each graduate student works with a ZNI faculty mentor for up to 5 years. They participate in a culture that fosters collaboration and a strong sense of community. Although graduate students are busy with interdisciplinary coursework and lab research, they are encouraged to socialize with others during weekly seminars which feature world-renown scientists and participate in symposiums, dinner nights, tea times and other academic events.

Our philosophy at ZNI is that any person in a lab — from the PI to the research technician — is capable of making important research discoveries. Thus, our graduate students are respected as young scientists and are given extensive support and mentorship.

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For those students eager to explore graduate studies in the biomedical and biological sciences, explore the PIBBS website below.


PIBBS is a unique graduate student experience that supports students through a rotation through three labs of your choice to find the optimal mentor and lab for your PhD studies.

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Zach Hall Travel Award

This award is available to ZNI graduate students who have been requested to attend a scientific meeting or research training opportunity.

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