ZNI research at a microscope.

Your gift will fund innovative and interdisciplinary research to improve the quality of life in affected individuals today and help us work faster toward a cure.

Only if scientists like those working at ZNI continue to devote their efforts toward their areas of research, only if they have access to significant funding and only if robust collaborations on Alzheimer’s and other brain diseases endure will our efforts eventually lead to preventive approaches that could reduce memory loss and other serious symptoms that occur as a result of brain diseases.

Please contact

Gina Weitzel, Associate Vice President, Health Sciences Advancement
(323) 442-1596

Johnathan Billinger, Director, Health Sciences Advancement
(310) 491-8309

Amy Cook, PhD, Director, Foundation Relations
(818) 613-8724

How You Can Help

Under the Keck Medicine Initiative, the Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute fundraising priorities include:

  • Seed funding helps obtain NIH funding

    To obtain more government funding, we have a critical need for seed funding which will allow ZNI investigators to pursue innovative research.

    The ZNI has been able to leverage seed funding 30 to 1 with a combination of support from USC and NIH. Any investment that we would get in seed grants would yield an enormous return in further funding and scientific advancement.

  • Mentor graduate students and support outstanding postdoctoral fellows

    The ZNI aims to attract top graduate students and postdoctoral fellows who can take full advantage of training in a 21st century neuroscience academic environment.

    Highly innovative interdisciplinary research is the norm. We provide generous funding and dedicated mentorship in order shape the next generation of exemplary neuroscientists.

  • Bridge funding sustains momentum

    In light of the budget difficulties at the National Institutes of Health, many of our highly successful faculty members will have temporary gaps in funding for their research projects.

    Core research facilities with state-of-the art equipment and laboratories Gifts and grants help us meet our nation’s growing demand to improve the quality of life for individuals and society by promoting health, preventing and curing disease and advancing medical research.

  • World-class scientists and faculty for collaborative research

    We hope to recruit world-class senior scientists and promising junior faculty members to add their voices to our collaborative conversations.

    Faculty at the ZNI are encouraged to abandon their research silos and work together to study the brain from a variety of perspectives.