Theater style marquee set up for conference room

General Information

For clarification on any of the following, please call (323) 442-2144 or email

The Dale Melbourne Herklotz and John Herklotz Seminar Room (ZNI 112) is located on the ground floor of the Zilkha Neurogenetic Institute.

  • A maximum of 79 chairs and 18 (2.5 x 5 ft) tables are available in a various configurations (see below). The Herklotz Seminar Room comes in Theater-style. If you need to make any changes to the room set-up, please indicate the room change needed and the setup time needed for your event. The room must be left as it was found so a reset back to Theater style will also be scheduled. Emily will fill out a Facilities request form for you, but you are responsible for paying via Kuali Internal Billing Requisition (IBR) form.
  • ZNI does not provide catering services. While food is allowed in the Herklotz Seminar Room, all catering issues are the sole responsibility of the meeting organizer.
  • ZNI does not provide cleaning services. If the room is found in disarray, a minimum $100 cleaning fee and/or the price of repair will be charged.

We ask that you make room reservations at least 5 business days prior to the event. Please note that all reservations are not finalized until an internal requisition has been received by ZNI for the full amount of the reservation. ZNI also reserves the right to reschedule, cancel or reject requests up to 3 days prior to the event.

If a reservation is cancelled within 3 business days of the event, there will be a forfeiture of the room entire rental fee.

Need Help? Contact ZNI
(323) 442-2144

Audio/Visual (A/V) Equipment

The Herklotz Seminar Room comes with the following A/V equipment: podium computer, projector, screen, microphones (1 lapel and 1 podium), and a laser pointer. There is also the option to utilize a personal laptop instead of the podium computer. Some other equipment is also available.

We require all meeting organizers to schedule a pre-meeting review with Emily Chu, Project Specialist, in order to survey the A/V equipment and learn how to use the access key. (The meeting generally takes 5-10 minutes.) Please schedule this meeting at least 24 hours prior to when the meeting is set to occur. Assistance with the A/V during the event is not guaranteed.

On the day of your event, please check-in with the administration office for the access key.


Our current pricing for the room including A/V is $170 for 1-4 hours or $340 5-8 hours. For rental of the room without A/V, the pricing is $120 for 1-4 hours and $240 for 5-8 hours. Other charges may be applied for room changes or after hours use of the room.

To inquire about reservations, please fill out our online form.


All reservation requests must be made through the Online Reservation Request Form.

Make sure to check the Herklotz Availability Guide.

Room Set-ups

Theater Style – Maximum Occupancy: 79

Classroom Style – Maximum Occupancy: 30

U-Shape Style – Maximum Occupancy: 24

V-Shape Style – Maximum Occupancy: 18

Rectangle Style – Maximum Occupancy: 28

The room is set up in Theater Style. All other room changes must be requested through facilities and paid for by the meeting organizers.

If you have any further questions about the Herklotz Seminar Room, please contact 323-442-2144 or at Thank you!